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The best way we know to be fair is to be consistent.  Here's how we handle reservations and holds:

1)  At certain times of the year we get as many as 3-6 inquiries a day.  If you call about a near-term or a popular date, it's possible that someone else that has also called.  We don't always inform people about specific date popularity -  it's first-come-first-serve.

2)  The Calendar.  We block out the calendar when someone says that they are returning a contract to us with a check that day.  If the calendar is not blocked, that means (a) we have no reservation or (b) someone has not yet completed the process.

3)  Priority goes first to the person who fills out a reservation form.  Then if someone else asks about that date, is eager to rent, and we haven't heard from the prior party in a day or two - we may reach out to see if they still intend to rent.

4)  Bottom Line. If you are very interested, and committed to a date, let us know and ask if there is another party interested in that date.  Line up your family members first.  We can't hold a property on people's intent alone, because they typically have to rely on others to agree and it doesn't always work out.  Thus we honor the first-come-first-serve policy. 


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